Top 10 HORRIBLE and EVIL Weapons We are NOT Supposed to Use

On April 4, 1984, President Ronald Reagan made a public plea to the world to ban chemical weapons. Already outlawed by previous treaties, the widespread use of various chemical weapons in World War I was the peak of chemical warfare, but these terrible weapons have not totally disappeared. Today we list 10 Fiendish, Horrible, Evil Weapons We’re Not Supposed to Use, either by International agreement or our own decision. At times even crossbows were banned for use against “Christians,” as were square projectiles. What weapons, devices, or techniques from Hell would you include on a ban against such things?

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10. Poison Gas.
9. Biological Toxins.
8. Biological Diseases.
7. Poison and Poisoned weapons.
6. Nukes in Space.
5. Napalm and Fire Weapons against Civilians.
4. Neutron Bomb.
3. Dum-Dum bullets.
2. Blinding weapons.
1. Non-detectable Fragments.

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April 4, 1984: 10 Fiendish, Horrible, Evil Weapons We are Not Supposed to Use

Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces with gas masks and rubber gloves during a chemical attack, Battle of Shanghai, 1937,_war_and_famine._Etching_by_Sadler_after_M._de_Vos._Wellcome_L0004077.jpg

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A napalm strike erupts in a fireball near U.S. troops on patrol in South Vietnam , 1966 during the Vietnam War×500.jpeg


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